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Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna kits are prefabricated or prebuilt sauna accessories packages you only need to assemble and install without effort.

In addition, outdoor home sauna kits come in different types, such as Wood Burning saunas, Barrel saunas, Infrared saunas, traditional outdoor sauna kits, etc.

These outdoor prefab saunas are suitable when you have limited space in your backyard or garden. As well as the backyard sauna kits or outdoor home sauna kits are great DIY projects you must try out.

If you want a prefabricated outdoor cedar sauna kit, you must know how to get the perfect outside sauna steam kits, install them, and unwind the best sauna experience.

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What Is Outdoor Prefab Sauna Kit? 

The prefab or precut outdoor steam saunas come with all the sauna accessories you need to build an outdoor sauna. So, you just need to get an electric heater, sauna heater, or any type of aromatic wood-burning stove to control temperature and relax in your custom sauna.

So, the accessory the outside sauna kits that are easy to install consists of are:

  • Prefab sauna kits consist of pre-built walls, ceiling panels, trims (interior and exterior), floor panels, duckboards, doors, sauna benches, and slab base plates with insulation. The precut walls and ceilings can be screwed on the base plate.
  • The panels and walls have many types (Clear Or Knotty Cedar walls, ceilings, Tongue And Groove Cedar walls, and metal roofs) and designs (cabin sauna or barrel sauna).
  • The slab base plates are installed on a steady cement base, built-in wood platform logs, or patio pavers with a waterproof flooring material (impermeable membrane, sheet vinyl, or tile).
  • Most premium outdoor dry sauna kits providing roof packages include prefabricated trusses, metal roofing, drip metal, clear cedar roof sheeting, etc. These roof packages come in one of a kind sauna and need professional carpentry skills.
  • The standard package of the outdoor steam sauna kits allows the sauna to be easy to assemble, disassemble, and portable.
  • In most cases, the sauna kit packages offer free delivery or free shipping in Canada, North America, and other areas.

How to Set Up a Prefab Outdoor Backyard Sauna Kit?

If you’re done buying a sauna kit for your backyard or basement, check out the installation steps: 

  1. Start lining up a lot of space, then put together the accessories of steam sauna kits outdoors and indoors.
  2. Set the base plate on a concrete (patio pavers) base or board.
  3. Screw all the wall panels with notch trims, sauna benches or seats, door, and ceiling panels accordingly (best if you follow the instruction manual). You can also make an optional changeroom with available things.
  4. Contact an electrician to attach a stove or heater and other control panel connections in the interior for heat and steam. Also, set up some Oval shaped lighting porch and gravel stone outside for a great visual.

Wood Burning Sauna Vs. Electric Sauna

An outdoor sauna can help you avail a way to relax all your tiredness after a busy day. In addition, a sauna bath enhances your metabolism and detoxes your blood altogether. Two types of saunas are very popular: Wood-Burning saunas and Infrared saunas.

A wood-burning sauna uses a stove to burn wood, stone, and water to get aromatic steam. On the other hand, an infrared sauna uses an electric stove to create soft steam and precise heat. Regardless of the type, both saunas are tremendous and also offer similar experiences and benefits.

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