• Limited 5-year warranty (excluding elements)

WARRANTY Buyer is obligated to read user manual and follow instructions and requirements presented.

Damage to the product caused by not following instructions and requirements will void warranty.

If any defects are found on the product, where manufacturer can be blamed, then buyer has the right to demand fixing or replacing the product.

Demands must be made not later than 5 years after buying the product. Purchase receipt needs to be presented when warranty demands are made.

Warranty Terms

Warranty applies only to electric heaters that have been used according to the manual.

NB! Warranty does not cover heating elements. They are considered as consumable parts.

Warranty does not cover wear that occurs from natural usage.

Warranty does not cover defects or wear caused by planned use.

Warranty does not imply when:

  • damage or defects are caused by transportation or other actions not controlled by manufacturer.
  • product has been damaged by carelessness or overload
  • product has not been installed correctly
  • product has been modified in any way
  • warranty period is over
  • product is not complete

All demands shall be presented directly to reseller or using e-mail for Canada: canada.support@huumsauna.com or for USA: usa.support@huumsauna.com

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